Cyber insurance

Effective and real-time cyber risk assessment and quantification is critical in the commercial insurance arena, systematically allowing the accurate quantification of insurance portfolios level of cyber risk, improving policy and premiums management, ultimately facilitating significant cyber risk policy underwriting improvements and business development initiatives.


Necto brings expert and proven cyber quantification tools to work with carriers, brokers and policy holders to meaningfully enhance cyber insurance ecosystems and facilitate business development opportunities. 


Cyber Insurance is unique

  • Emergent
  • Early stage in risk modeling
  • Data validity is limited
  • Complex and dynamic risk computations
  • Fragmented work processes and expertise
  • Unstable pricing and exposure evaluations
  • Scarcity of knowledge in the industry 
  • Requires deep technical expertise
  • Dynamic threat landscape with fragmented information

Necto cyber insurance proposition

  • Dynamic Risk Quantification
  • Support end-to-end cyber insurance process
  • Automation and full customization
  • Ease of use
  • Benchmark building
  • Integrated risk management across levels
  • Deep analytics capabilities
  • Automated financial impact 
  • Proprietary cyber risk calculation algorithm
  • Immediate comparative financial impact computation

(*) Cytegic Ltd.