Our Proposition

Cyber Risk Management


Cyber security is not purely a technology threat; it’s got significant operational, strategic, regulatory and financial implications.  That’s why managing your resources and understanding this risk is critical. 

Necto's cyber risk management practice, together with our strategic business partners’ cyber risk management artificial intelligence technology platforms, enable business executives to make the strategic decisions to effectively manage costs associated with controls, risk reduction, investments in defenses and adding financial mitigation with cyber risk insurance.  

We facilitate the quantification of your business cyber risk, allowing you to measure and categorize it as an operational risk within your risk management framework. 


Cyber Risk Management AI - Technology

Our partner’s Cyber Decision Support System(*) correlates information based on technical indicators, intelligence trends and security systems monitoring data. This data is relayed in a real time dashboard displaying the security status for an organization and measures the degree of readiness for specific cyber threats.

The Dynamic Trend Analysis(*) solution is an intelligence analytics platform that enables cyber intelligence analysts to identify cyber-threats related to geopolitical regions and business sectors, based on data from online open sources and technical cyber feeds, generating specific and actionable cyber-threat forecasts, based on built-in pattern analysis capabilities.

(*) TM - Cytegic Ltd.