Necto assists organizations become proactive & financially aware

by assessing and quantifying their enterprise-wide cyber risk


Cyber Risk Management

Cyber security is not purely a technology risk; it carries significant business, financial and operational, strategic and regulatory risk implications which need to be assessed and managed effectively.

Quantifying and therefore more effectively managing your resources and  understanding your unique risks and costs around your digital assets and business is critical. 

Necto Cyber Risk Management enables effective cyber risk quantification and rationalization, allowing for proper measurement and understanding of this critical business variable in financial and operational risk terms in line with the organization’s risk management and corporate governance frameworks, including critical local and international regulatory directives. 

Our end-to-end methodology results in a paradigm shift, by realigning a technical cyber security risk into business terms, tied to financial performance and return on investment (ROI), allowing C-Level Executives and Board Members to make intelligible and critical decisions related the risk associated with all things digital in the business. 

Necto's  cyber risk management and advisory practice, together with our strategic business  partners’ cyber risk quantification artificial intelligence technology  platforms, enable business executives to make the strategic decisions to effectively manage financial risks and costs associated with controls,  risk reduction, investments in defenses including financial risk mitigation.   We will work with customers enhancing existing or developing and implementing entity specific cyber security risk oversight, governance and compliance frameworks to effectively manage this critical risk.